Shemale Strokers galleries from January, 2009

Shemale Strokers – Natasha Has the Biggest Cock and the Prettiest Face

Natasha from Shemale Strokers
Hi, I'm Natasha Koxxx. When I walk down the street, men can't believe thier eyes. It's because I'm such a stacked red hot ebony shemale. They don't know that though, at least at first. I've got a beautiful face, big round breasts, and a big black booty. Oh wait, I almost forgot my best asset, my huge black 9 inch cock. You poor guys. With a girl like me, so much to offer, you don't know where to start! I know where you should start...with my cock!

Shemale Strokers – Super Sexy and Hung Shemale Katrina

Katrina from Shemale Strokers
I'm Katrina and I'm just sitting here stroking my big hard cock while I write this. I wish you were here to watch me. Nothing gets me hotter than being watched. Sometimes I watch myself in the mirror when I'm playing with my dick. If you were here I'd spread my long legs for you and stroke my big hard shaft very lightly...just tease it a bit and get some precum out. Then I'd put my wet finger in your mouth and let you taste it. Fuck, now I'm going harder, playing with my little titties. I'm going to spew hot cum all over myself soon! I hope you get off with me or at least watching my videos at Shemale Strokers!

Shemale Strokers – Seattle Shemale Cassie Plays With Precum

Cassie from Shemale Strokers
I'm Cassie and I'm a goth shemale stroker living in Seattle. I'm hornier than a 14 point buck and I will take any sex any way I can get it! Do you like watching me strip out of my corset? I bet you wanna see me stroke my big shaved cock while I ooze precum all over and use it for lube while I pleasure myself. I got so horny during this shoot that I sucked a random big black cock that was hanging around the set. I just couldn't help myself. That was just before I finally had to milk my big cock of all the cum I had! Fuck, I'm going to have to cum again now just thinking about it! Come and see all the pics at Shemale Strokers!

Shemale Strokers – Busty and Gorgeous Redhead Shemale Raquel

Raquel from Shemale Strokers
Hi, I'm Raquel Chambers. I am a 21 year old British shemale with nice big tits, red hair and a perfect big cock, if I do say so myself. like to work out regularly to stay in good shape. Know why? So I have the stamina to fuck all night. I am very passable. So much so that almost no one ever suspects that I'm a tranny. I'm an English girl but I'm currently living in New York. Why aren't you here? You could be going down on me right now. Oh well, too bad. I guess you're just going to have to watch me play with my big cock and cum in my videos over at Shemale Strokers for now and play with me later. Ta, love!

Shemale Strokers – Danielle Foxxx Is The Perfect Shemale Stroker

Danielle from Shemale Strokers
Hi, I'm Danielle. I'm a shemale from Brazil and I love to fuck ALL the time. Really, I do. I might be the horniest person on the planet. If I could, I would never leave the bedroom and it would be full of a never ending supply of hard cocks for me to play with! Some have told me that I have the most perfect titties they've ever seen. What do you think? I think I want you to suck on them while you play with my cock. Fuck, I'm hard right now. I'm going to have to make myself cum. I wish you were here to watch and help me cum. Why aren't you here?

Shemale Strokers – Dream’s Giant Black Cock Is Dreamy

Dream from Shemale Strokers
Hi, I'm Dream, I'm a petite black shemale with a massive 12 inch cock, plus I've got some nice little titties to go with it! Can't you just imagine sucking on my nipples while you stroke my cock? I can! I'm outside enjoying how the warm summer air feels as my big thick black dick gets hot and hard for you. I just wanna get sweaty with you and feel you slide your big cock inside my ass while I tug on my big stick. I've got some other things I'd like to do with my giant tool. Can you guess what they might be? Maybe I'll show you...if you're nice! I've got a big load of cum for you if you are! Why don't you head over to Shemale Strokers and see it all in my videos?

Shemale Strokers – Real Estate Agent Khloe Is Really a Shemale

Khloe from Shemale Strokers
I'm Khloe Hart, top LA Real Estate Agent. Few of my clients know what I have between my legs. But when I told an upscale buyer about a house on the market that was next door to a shemale who liked to throw tranny parties, he said he'd buy the house just to attend. So I figured I'd tell him the truth. We both got so excited over the phone that I started to play with my hard cock. But suddenly my boss came in and I was so embarrassed. I thought for sure he'd fire me, but instead he went down on me! Do you wanna go down on me? I hope so, because I wanna suck your cock so bad! Baby, you should see me cum in my videos over at Shemale Strokers!

Shemale Strokers – Petite Shemale Cleo Has A HUGE Cock

Cleo from Shemale Strokers
I'm Cleo and I've got one of the biggest, fattest cocks around and I know how to use it! It looks all the bigger on my petite shemale frame. All I can think about right now is getting fucked! I know you wanna see me lube my big shaft up and stroke it for you. Oh fuck, my balls are aching to pump my hot shemale cum all over myself for you. I'd rather unload in your mouth and then let you fuck mine though. I didn't put these pics up here, but you can see me fuck my huge toy in the rest of this series and in the videos over at Shemale Strokers. Why don't you cum on over baby?

Shemale Strokers – Gorgeous Brazilian Cock Stroking Shemale Carla

Carla from Shemale Strokers
I am Carla Novaes and I am a Brazilian shemale filled with list and a need to be fucked. My beautiful tan, lithe body is complimented by my dark hair, sparkling eyes and a perfect pink pout. I am truly a one of a kind Brazilian T-Girl. Watch me dance and tease while my big cock grows harder and thicker. I stroke my perfect 7 inch tranny stick all for you, baby! I hope you can get off with me and possibly we can meet and I'll show you what I can really do ;)

Shemale Strokers – Busty Latin Shemale Kirsten Plays For You

Kirsten from Shemale Strokers
I'm Kristin, a fiery hot TS from Venezuela, currently living in Los Angeles. I'm a top, but I love to suck cock. If I like you, I might even let you fuck my round ass. But you know I'm going to have to fuck you. So get on your knees and be prepared to get me rock hard for your ass. Oh, I hope you like to swallow, cos I have a big thick white load for you! Wanna watch me blow it?

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